Dry Cleaning Birthday!

The first dry cleaning establishment was opened in France in the 1840’s.  A Frenchman, Jean Baptiste Jolly, noticed that a piece of dirty fabric was clean, after a maid accidentally spilled a petroleum-based solvent on it and the solvent dried.  After refining... read more

Care Labels (part 2)

When clothes are dirty and they need to be cleaned, your local dry cleaner reads the label for the recommended process. Some clothes need to be dry cleaned only, some labels read “for best results dry clean” or “dry cleaning recommended”. Some... read more

Care Labels

Taking your clothes to the cleaners doesn’t always mean your clothes are going to be dry cleaned. A good cleaner will always read the care labels and follow those care instructions so you will get your items back looking and feeling as good as they can be.... read more

Stain Removal

To get the best service from your dry cleaner, point out the stains on your clothes and, if possible, let your dry cleaner know what the stains are from. Most stains won’t come out through the normal cleaning process and have to be removed with other processes... read more